Machining fittings for Poseidon!

23 Jul 2022 by Finn in


(Edit 19 Aug 2022)

We machined the fittings for the poseidon water rocket in the student workshop of our university.
After turning the two fittings in a lathe, boring the axial holes and cutting the axial theads, we milled the sides and drilled the radial holes.

The left fitting connects the main valve (inner thread, G1/4) to the water tank (outer thread, G1/4) and depress valve (radial hole, G1/8).

The right fitting connects the quick disconnect adapter (radial hole, G1/8) to the air tank (outer thread, G1/4), and has thread (M8) for the parachute eyebolt.

Technical Drawings

Down below are the technical drawings for the machined fittings.

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