FAR Block 1

12 Oct 2020 by TCR in /


(Edit 15 Sep 2022)

Hey everyone,

welcome to this small update regarding the FAR teststand. Our main objectives with FAR are the following:

  1. Verify with actual test data that the Poseidon Rocket is feasible. This boils down to that the thrust to weight ratio (TWR) of the rocket is greater than 1.
  2. Compare measured thrust, massflow and pressure in the air tank with the predictions made by our physical models. If the model describes them quite well, this would enable us to find the optimal water to air ratio, wetmass, drymass, pressure and more for the Poseidon Rocket.
  3. Prove that the intended layout of the tanks, valves and nozzle works. This is especially true for the loading procedure and the execution of multiple burns during the flight.

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