Poseidon Tanks: Concept and Design

FAR so far The FAR test platform has tanks made out of PVC. We chose this material because it’s quick and easy to build a tank out of, and can sustain a pressure of about 8 bar. Additionally, it is relatively cheap and available. However, these PVC tanks are not flight ready. They weigh almost …

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Thrust and Valve Fundamentals

Hey there! Right now, we are in the beginning of development and have to test the basic concepts first, so take this following stuff with a grain of salt. As for the mechanics, this means things like tank and valve fundamentals. Because we want to have the capability to control the thrust of the rocket, …

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FAR Software: Telemetry, LoadCells and more

Hey everyone, it took us a long time to get started, but finally after Finn and I wrote our last exam for this semester, we finalized the partslist and got to work. As a short recap: The first step in Project Poseidon is FAR – the Fixed Airframe Rocket. Contrary to what the name suggests, …

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FAR Block 1

Hey everyone, welcome to this small update regarding the FAR teststand. Our main objectives with FAR are the following: Verify with actual test data that the Poseidon Rocket is feasible. This boils down to that the thrust to weight ratio (TWR) of the rocket is greater than 1. Compare measured thrust, massflow and pressure in …

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Water Rockets for beginners

Hey everyone, our goal with Project Poseidon is to develop an advanced waterrocket. Before we start with such an ambitious project, it is very important to actually understand the key physical principles behind waterrockets in general. We want to achieve that with the next three blog articles: This one will cover the basics. The second …

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Start of the INS-Development

Hey everyone, currently the whole world is affected by SARS-CoV-2 and the resulting measures and so are we. We planned to shoot and edit our first video right around now, but these plans fell through as announced on the Studio blog. To make the most of it, we decided to start with the development of …

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First video coming soon!

Introduction Video on our youtube channel. Starting in a few days, we are going to upload videos to our youtube channel in more or less regular intervalls.